Monday, 2 June 2014

More eggs

I looked at Greta on Saturday morning and said to Robert, "that looks like an 'I've got an egg' walk", and sure enough, half an hour later the 'where shall I lay process' started. We'd put the fake egg back into the nesting box to see if we could convince Lumi she'd rather lay in the box rather than on the ground, but it turned out really useful for Greta.

She was in and out of the two boxes, and was piling up straw on her back like a champ. This is apparently some sort of genetically triggered behaviour that humans are not supposed to understand. She eventually, with a lot less drama than Lumi created, pooped out a stark white egg.

y u do dis?
The best part is that after watching Greta lay in the nesting box, Lumi has laid all eggs since in the nesting box.

Greta had quite the audience for the intial prepping, though we left her alone for the actual egg laying. When she first started in the smaller right box she kept shuffling around and kicking the fake egg out of the way, I thought maybe it was uncomfortable for her. She let me reach into the box and take the fake egg out from under her. I was so surprised, I kept expecting her to go nuts about my proximity. I moved the egg into the right side of the large box. Which is where she moved to immediately after I moved the egg. Clearly I don't know anything about egg laying requirements.

Greta has lost all inhibitors about jumping up on us for treats. She is all over us almost as much as Lumi. I don't believe it's possible for any chicken to be more vigorous in reaching for treats than Lumi, she is ruthless. I think eventually I'll be able to convince Greta to jump on my arm, though Lumi doesn't seem like much of a jumper.

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