Wednesday, 4 June 2014

First illness

Lumi chicken has been sneezing for a few weeks now, a bit more regularly than what would be considered 'normal'. Today she has apparently upgraded to sounding a little gurgly when breathing. However she is still running around and being as greedy and hungry as normal, and had even jumped the fence four times by 9am. No discharge from beak or nose, not lethargic, nor any normal bad sign. Robert called the vet to make an appointment, who upon hearing all of the above said it doesn't sound serious, but it'd be best to bring her in just in case. So now she has an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Naturally, I am horrendously scarred from the last two vet trips. This has brought up all the horrible memories from 7 months ago. I'm scared, and panicky for no sensible reason (since she is most likely fine or only in need of a course of antibiotics). Most of all, this rush of feelings has just made me sadder than normal, especially after almost no sleep last night. I miss them so much, every day.

I'm sure Lumi will be fine, not that that knowledge helps dull the worry.

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