Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekend Adventures

Saturday was spent at work, 6am-1:30pm no break, I could certainly get used to being home by 2pm, imagine how much more personal time I could have. Unfortunately the service industry demands sticking to business hours (mostly).

Today was quite productive, went to the markets at 6am, they were packed full of people walking really slowly. grr. Then home to make a Maple, Cinnamon & Pecan Cheesecake with the leftover gingerbread house as the biscuit base.

After lunch we headed into the city to see Trolljegeren at the Tribal Cinema (which still smells like a toilet). It was good to see it on the big screen, but it didn't look as good as the Blu Ray rip I saw about 6mths ago, will definately have to buy it on BluRay.

Now we're off to see Voyager!! and Children of Bodom, I have my standards set very low, so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised :)