Monday, 9 June 2014

Lumi is feeling better

I spent a lot of time with the girls over the long weekend, trying to pay a lot of attention to Lumi's breathing and sneezing. She doesn't seem to be gurgling anymore which is a huge relief, and she is definitely sneezing less frequently, I'd say she's back to her normal amount. She's always sneezed more than any other chicken though. She's talking a bit more, the silent days really freaked me out, though she's still not back to normal yet.

I'm so relieved the liquid anti-inflammatories are finished, Lumi hated the syringe. Now we just need to administer one large tablet and a quarter of tablet, which she doesn't seem to hate quite as much. Grabbing her twice is better than 3 times.

She's starting to be affectionate, not just tolerant of our pats, which is quite exciting. As soon as I step into the enclosure she'll run up and start weaving against my legs as I try and walk, if she's not busy eating grass that is. It's so cute.

She is not tolerant of being locked in the coop all day, and ate a fist sized chunk of the banana tree in retaliatiom

We noticed this weekend just how highly strung Greta is. She was standing on Robert eating seeds and was trembling. I don't know how we haven't noticed this before, but now that we're looking for it, she shakes a lot when we're nearby. She runs up to us, stands next to us, or on us (all voluntarily) and is just trembling, it's incredibly strange.

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