Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Greta thaws

On Saturday Greta stopped communicating solely in levels of 'no'. She has started trailing us around the enclosure wanting treats, and allowing pats. She was eating seeds out of Robert's hand and he started patting her and she just kept eating, when normally she'd move away and come back at a different angle. Yesterday afternoon she jumped up on the seat next to Robert and put one foot on him to reach some seeds, we couldn't convince her to stand on him entirely, but just one foot is incredible. In about 6 weeks she's gone through the distinct stages of being terrified of us, to not liking us, to being indifferent, to liking us. It's really satisfying that through persistence we've earned her trust.

"Yes, I will have treats"
They all love to sun themselves now, of a morning they'll just flop on the ground on their side and stretch a wing and foot out. Greta & Lumi seem to have learnt this behaviour from Harriet. Yesterday Harriet was sunning herself on the edge of the little step, her back to the edge and she stretched so much that she fell off. She basically rolled off onto the ground on her back, then jumped up, squeaked, and looked surprised. The drop was only about 1 inch onto grass, so she wasn't hurt, but it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

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