Tuesday, 22 July 2014

It's been a while

We're definitely past the original mission to document the process of our adoption into the flock. The girls all loved us before we even went to Tasmania, and we've now been back for a month and a half. 

It's safe to say the mission was a complete success, in fact, it far exceeded any of my highest expectations. Whenever we open our front door they come running from anywhere in the yard to see us, mostly just to see if we have treats, but I like to pretend otherwise. Lumi has also started hanging out on the stairs outside our kitchen window when we're in the kitchen. Lumi is by far the most attached, probably because she is the greediest. Whenever I get home from work she sprints over to me. Walking anywhere, while I'm holding anything, is difficult because Lumi is all around my legs, at all times. It's so adorable. 

I'm hoping to use this space more for recording random observations or hilarious stories, which would be a nice way to store memories. 

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