Tuesday, 29 April 2014


We finally bought some meal worms on Friday. Naturally this resulted in additional progress in how much they like us :).

They don't quite understand that the worms come from a container, they believe the worms spawn in our hands, which is adorable. They now constantly come over to check if we have any.

I've started trying to convince them to jump onto the chair next to me to get the worms. From there it'll be a short step onto my lap. I have convinced Lumi to jump up once. She'll also stand on my feet or lean against my knees to get closer, which is also good progress.

I gave them cabbage Sunday morning, but they're not too keen on it, they don't seem to understand they need to bite it. It's a bit odd. So I played 'stuff of my chickens' with it instead, so Harriet and Lumi looked like they were wearing cabbage saddles, it was cute. They weren't even phased by me almost touching them, which was nice.

Today! Today there was real progress! Both Lumi and Harriet voluntarily stood on both of us to eat meal worms. We just sat down on the bench and ignored them whilst playing with the worms, it didnt even take a minute before they were both on the chair trying to reach, not long after they were standing on our legs. Wonderful, but scratchy.

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