Monday, 24 October 2011

A weekend of stitching

Not a particularly eventful weekend. Saturday was spent cutting out the decorations for my skirt, and Sunday was spent starting the massive task of hand-sewing the decorations onto the skirt. I could not have undertaken a more ridiculous project. Including a couple of extra hours tonight, I've now spent about 11 hours sewing and I'm barely half way through the front side of the skirt. The original plan was to decorate the entire skirt, this has now been scaled back to just the front, with the remainder to be finished after Halloween.

I also attempted Couch to 5k day one again, hopefully I'll be able to continue this time... 4th attempt lucky :p. Loving my new Garmin GPS watch thingy, it is strangely motivating.

Very much looking forward to Halloweeen next weekend! end non-exciting weekend update.

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